Why Renovate?

The Sheboygan A’s have been providing Sheboygan County with professional quality baseball for over 50 years, now we are seeking to reflect that quality in the fan experience, by improving Wildwood Park! We will be expanding the existing footprint to add several new items to and around the park, but why? We are focusing on three key aspects.

  1. Increase economic impact for Sheboygan County.
  2. Make Wildwood Park a community destination.
  3. Increase promotion of Sheboygan as “Someplace Better” and foster local pride.

Increase the Economic Impact for Sheboygan County

Renovating Wildwood Park will allow Sheboygan to put in bids to bring in higher profile tournaments to the city. In 2016, Wildwood Park was host to five baseball tournaments, between the Sheboygan A’s, American Legion, and NCBA. We look to increase that number, which would generate more business for the city. Potential tournaments we could attract with a renovated ballpark include: NCBA World Series, American Legion State Tournament, WIAA Summer State Tournament, Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference Tournament (Lakeland University) and more!

With a renovated park, we also want to continue to develop non-baseball uses for the park, including concerts, festivals, cooking competitions, and more. In the past year, the A’s and Wildwood Park have hosted the annual Project Grill unveiling event, the United Way Day of Caring kickoff, and the debut of the Sheboygan A’s 5K Home Run/Walk.

Make Wildwood Park a Destination

Living in Wisconsin, we know how important it is to take advantage of the outdoors as much as we can during the warm months. Wildwood is already a good option during those summer months, but we want to take it to the next level by making it more festive, serving greater variety of food and drinks, updating the sound system, adding superb restrooms, and adding to the overall entertainment we can provide, which includes hosting non-baseball events at the park. These improvements can truly make Wildwood Park a destination, which can be a big attraction to young professionals, and can encourage them to move to the area as it gives them another affordable entertainment option close to home.

Increase promotion of Sheboygan as “Someplace Better” and foster local pride.

We want Wildwood Park to truly reflect all the great things Sheboygan County has to offer, from showcasing all of our great businesses, to serving as a working lab for area and regional schools so students can develop their skills in real-world situations. The Sheboygan A’s implemented an internship program just a few seasons ago, and in 2016 we have had 12 interns in a variety of areas including: graphic design, broadcasting, marketing, stadium operations, accounting, hospitality & food service, webcasting and digital media. With an expanded park, we can provide more student internship opportunities, while partnering with local and regional colleges for hands on experience. In the fall of 2016, we will be working in conjunction with Lakeland Universities Sports Marking class to provide a real life scenario to base their class project on. We will be working their students to create a full scale marketing plan, when they will then be able to actually implement with us to see real world results.